Find Awesome Vrchat Worlds

Evaluize is a Vrchat World Browser. Discover new worlds and rate them if you liked them or not. The project was created to help people find awesome worlds which are not in the Featured section within Vrchat but hold up to the high quality standart a Vrchat world should have.

Ever since the start of Vrchat there was a problem with people submitting unfinished or blatently awefull worlds without textures or too much unoptimized Objects which brought even the best Vr setup to their knees. And we are still having the problem today. Since people with high trustranks can automaticly publish worlds with out too much of an inspection it can be aweful to hop from world to world to find your next hangout spot. So why not browse high quality Vrchat Worlds from your phone or your Computer through informative Descriptions and additional Infos from the World Creators. Fall in love with your next World NOW.

Historic Worlds

The first Vrchat Worlds people would hang out on were often not as impressive as the ones we have today and there is a lot of history behind them which will be covered as I and other people submit worlds. You can find these worlds together with other news article worthy Vrchat Worlds under the Tag “Historic World”.

How to submit Worlds

You can submit your own or other peoples worlds here.

The submissions are being reviewed and if a certain quality standard is reached the world will be made accessible for other people to enjoy and discover. Where the quality needs to be good depends on what kind of map it is. A club should have more effort put into the atmosphere than a world in which you can find high quality Vrchat Avatars. The same goes for games. Even if the map might not be nice to look at: If the game is impressive, fun or well programmed you can be asured that the World is a perfect fit.

If you have any questions or suggestions just reach out to me via Twitter.