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Rest & Retro is a staggeringly realistic apartment in a Luxurious Skyscraper with an awesome view over the Skyline of a futuristic city.

The apartment 69 is open for everyone to come in and have a look. Being sold is one of four apartments on the floor. Two neighbours have already moved in and the fourth apartment is currently…. “under construction”.

The hallway you enter to get to your place is decorated with neon lights, paintings and pictures on the wall and to make it as comftable as possible it is decorated in a homely fashion. When stepping out of the elevator to the left you can slip into some avatars to get a bit more into the Cyberpunk mood the World is based on.

Immediatly after stepping inside the apartment you will notice the open and spacious design. The Led lights on the walls and in some of the furnitures together with the light from the ceiling and rough concerete walls make the … look almost sterile if it wouldn’t be for the Plants and huge animated picture with a dystopian vibe to it.

Because of the luxurious nature of the apartment you can find a swimmingpool if you turn around from the animated painting and walk straight into the room.
As you enter the room you dive into a neo blue atmosphere that fills the hole room. On the wall straight ahead are japanese words roughly translating to “If a Samurais Katana is not bloody he is not a Samurai”. On wall to the left is a neon light installation of crosses, circles, squares and triangles. The pool itself is about 10 meters times 6 meters large. It has neon bar installations inside and the floor is tiled with hexagons in diffrent shades of blue which lead to an awesome contrast with the dark wood parquet which is otherwise filling the room.

Next we will take a look at one of the highlights of the apartment. It’s a Boudoir filled with pink neon lights. In the corner is a table with a big mirror. On the other side of the room is a comfy looking round bed hanging from the ceiling. In the middle of the room is a table for tee ceremonies. To make the room look more open it is possible to spin the fragments of the wall to open up the room to the parlor. The room looks overall pretty romantic.

Going out of the room through the door we just came in you enter the den which is held in a neon green tone. Here you can find a guitar, a bed, some closets and a working station behind a small room sperator with open design. From this room we can make our way into the parlor.

The parlor and the openly designed kitchen, which are being seperated only by metal frames with thin wood and glass constructions with about two meters of space between them are held in a dim orange light which bring a peacful atmosphere with it.
With a lot of couches cushions everyone can take a seat and enjoy a relaxing evening looking over the skyline of this futuristic city.

Author: Tulo

Creator of Evaluize. In love with VrChat. Fullstack Programmer.

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