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Link to WorldA vibrant room within a town blessed by fate․ As you venture out you will find your perception expanding․ 16 Drawcalls on Quest‚...
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Atoll of Ether

Link to WorldSwap Day & Night at Spawn․ Within an endless Ocean‚ along a peaceful Beach you may find a view of the Sea that...
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Aria Company ( Neo Venice )

Link to WorldWelcome to ARIA COMPANY – New Venice in VRChat
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Link to WorldEnjoy a tranquil time in this mysterious Observatory at night․ – This map is Crossplatform ready for Crossplay with the Oculus Quest․
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256Fes Room

Link to WorldA world using only 256 Tris‚ polys and faces․ All on a single 256×256 Atlas․ If you wish to put your 256fes Avatars...
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Link to WorldAn ideal Home in desolate space․ Set this hyperoptimized Box as your Home or hangout for a bit when the detail elsewhere is...
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Mayu Avatar

Link to WorldPlay as the cutest Vocaloid Crossplatform ready for crossplay with the oculus quest․ This Avatar can draw on both platforms‚ use the point...
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Room of Eventide

Link to WorldA vibrant room with little more․ Perhaps this is all that was needed after all․