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Rest&Retro 寝る

Link to WorldRest & Retro is a staggeringly realistic apartment in a Luxurious Skyscraper with an awesome view over the Skyline of a futuristic city....
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DnD VR20 a Vrchat DnD World

Link to WorldDnD VR20 is the best Vrchat DnD map I have encountered throughout my long journey of discovering worlds. Up to eight players and...
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Longboi Test Zone

Link to WorldThe Longboi Avatars are really well made. They are pretty fast to load and the fur textures look great. One of the more...
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Hotel Estrel Berlin

Link to WorldThe Hotel Estrel Berlin is, as the name already explains, a hotel in Berlin Germany and this world is an extremly well done...
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Island of Dreams

Link to WorldThe Island of Dreams is one of the most Atmospheric Worlds ever created. Who doesen’t love the sound of raindrops when you fall...
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Winter Solace

Link to WorldWinter Solcae is a beautifully composed world. If you want to relax for a bit because everything is too much right now this...
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End of the Line

Link to WorldEnd of the Line is a beautiful Club world. The interior design is primarily in a shiny black and fits perfectly to the...
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Yoshio’s Udon Reversi

Link to WorldYoshio’s Udon Reversi is simply just a great map to play Reversi. It is well programmed and has a counter for won games.
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Tree Cafe JP

Link to WorldDid you always want to eat in a treehouse? Now is your chance! This Vrchat Tree Cafe has enough space for everyone. You...
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The beginning of Solace

Link to WorldThe world is composed of a running river and a house. Next to the river are two spots to hangout. One with a...