DnD VR20 a Vrchat DnD World World

DnD VR20 a Vrchat DnD World

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DnD VR20 is the best Vrchat DnD map I have encountered throughout my long journey of discovering worlds.

Up to eight players and a Dungeon Master can find a seat around the spacious 30×30 game field for which you can spawn in monsters, layout props and various types of stat indicators. Together with character sheets that are ready to play with and prop weapons you can swing around to show how you will execute the last enemy of the pact this map provides everything a Dungeons and Dragons group could wish for.

Author: Tulo

Creator of Evaluize. In love with VrChat. Fullstack Programmer.

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Hi, I’m glad that you found and enjoyed my world. Thanks for the review!
There’s been a few updates since you posted. I hope you like those too. 😀