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The Hotel Estrel Berlin is, as the name already explains, a hotel in Berlin Germany and this world is an extremly well done replica of it. With working elevators and fully working pianos it is ahead of the game when it comes to the connection of programming and real world feel in Vrchat.

Historic Background

Not only is this map one of the biggest Community projects ever. It is also historically important as as a stepping stone for virtual Convetions and created a new wave of Fullbodytracking Dancers you can now watch on Youtube, Twitch and of course in Vrchat.

The VirtualFurence, a convetion for Furries from Furries was a major success with 500+ people in the convention center world and at the dance off. Even the people who didn’t knew what was going on joined in on the fun and watched the dance competition in Vrchat or on Twitch.

The massive success of the virtual Convention came to the perfect timing of several startups which were, at the time, organizing meetups and smaller programming conventions in selfbuild products which didn’t function proberly most of the time (I know that because I was invited to several) which leaves a bad taste in your mouth even hearing about it.
Which makes it even greater to see that a Community that is passionate about it can achieve something companies can’t pull off with backings of 6 figure digits.

Author: Tulo

Creator of Evaluize. In love with VrChat. Fullstack Programmer.

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