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A small apartment located in Paris. A nice place with good lightning and materials that looks good even on high resolution HMDs or 4K screens. Paris Apartment is a great example of Vrchat and Vr can become in terms of realism and therefore better Immersion.

What’s waiting for you

The Paris Apartment has five fully designed rooms. Six actually if you iclude the corridor leaden to them. On the walls you can find paned pictures of minimalistic animals, Futuristic Cities, Landscapes and expresionist art.

The first door leads into a minimalistic bedroom with an old Studio Lamp repuposed as a room light. The bed looks especially cozy and on the wall you can find pens to draw with.

The second door leads into a big living room. With a couche, a piano, dining table plus chairs there are enough places to sit down even for larger groups.

Behind the third door is everyones wet dream of a bathroom. With the gold ornaments and the overall natural wooden look it reminds more of a movie set rather than a world in Vrchat.

The second living room features a large flatscreen with an integrated video player to watch your favorite youtubers together.

With several drinks and glasses you can get from the kitchen the house party is on and food is also already taken care of.

Paris Apartment Developer Notes

Clearly not made for entry level systems nor optimized for the best framerate, it turned out to be not too demanding and runs good enough even on midrange systems. The only real downside is the size of the world but only if your internet connection is too slow.

There are at least 20 reflection probes in there, the above mentioned high res textures and the really nice lightmap. I uses half of the resolution for the light, the textures are compressed and most of the probes are set to 512 or lower. Still 300Mb.

The images added here are all taken in Unitys play mode with the performance stats enabled so you can see what you are about to expect. I made this on an RTX2080Ti and an overclocked i9 CPU so I couldn’t really test how well it works on lesser specs but so far even people with real ‘potato’ systems(not my words) did not complain. Your mileage may vary though and depends of course on the number of badly optimized avatars…

Hagbard Celine
Author: Hagbard Celine

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Awesome world. I can recomend it to anyone who wants to experience what vr can look like in the future. Awesome stuff!